Friday, November 14, 2014

QUICK Christmas SERVICE -- Service in ONE Hour -- Christmas Candy Bomber and The Last Straw


1)  Become a Christmas Candy Bomber  

  • Personally, I love the idea of tying a tissue parachute to a piece of candy, knocking on a door, and having a group of youth throw up in the air their pieces of candy to surprise little kids in your neighborhood!  So fun!  
  • Read the book Christmas from Heaven, to your family or group.  It's a true story about a World War II serviceman turned CANDY BOMBER.  
  • Spend 30 minutes tying tissue parachutes onto pieces of candy. DIRECTIONS for making parachutes are in the back of the book.  How easy is that?   
  • However many pieces of candy you finish in 30 minutes, put them in a basket and head out to spread some Christmas sweets!
2)  Share Random Acts of Kindness -- The Last Straw  

During the first 15 minutes
  • Take the first 15 minutes and tell this story.  Here's a brief summary:  In the McDonalad home, Mom remembers an old tradition of a building a soft bed for Baby Jesus--one straw at a time.  Each time someone secretly does something nice of another family member, he or she gets to add a single straw to the manger.  
  • Challenge the members of your group to think of single ACTS OF SERVICE/ACTS OF KINDNESS they can give to members of their own family.  Have each group member write down three kind acts they could do for each person.  
  • Handout to each person a baggie full of staw/hay.  Attach a tag to the bag that says, "Every act of kindness counts.  So, let's build a bed for Jesus ONE STRAW AT A TIME."  
  • Then, give your group a challenge to build a straw bed for Jesus before Christmas by doing kind deeds for their family members.  
  • Tell the group that they will report back the Sunday AFTER Christmas and tell about what they did for their family.  You can serve hot cocoa that day! :)) 
During the NEXT 45 MINUTES
  • Tell the group members you're going to do some SPONTANEOUS service.  Here are some quick ideas you can choose from, or you can create your own.  They may require a little upfront planning, but not much.  
  • At a local fast food drive thru.  Wendy's is perfect here in Riverton because they sell $.50 Frostys and $1.00 Frostys.  Go through the drive through and pay for as many Frostys as there are people in the car behind you.  SHHHH.  It's a surprise!  Explain to the cashier at the drive-up window what you're doing.  Pay and then drive away.  Wave out the window as you do! :))
  • At your local grocery store for $5.00 buy a small bouquet of flowers.  You can DIY a few tissue paper flowers, or use fake flowers if you make it ahead of time.   Have some of the group members simply walk up to someone (maybe even a cashier) and give the flowers away.  Make someone's day!  A cashier would LOVE this!  You could do it for someone at your local library.  Someone at the gas station.  You get the idea.   
  • Flowers could also be brought to a local hospital and dropped off at the front desk.  Ask the person to deliver them to someone in the hospital who needs some Christmas JOY!  
  • Another idea would be to deliver red and green helium balloons tied with ribbon and a note that said, "GOD knows who you are and He loves you."  You could bring them to an individual  nursing home as well.
  • Another idea would be to find out ahead of time what your BISHOP'S WIFE likes to snack on and drop a little care package off to her.  Simple is good.  Mabye she likes to chew gum.  So, you could deliver a few packages of her favorite flavor of gum tied with a ribbon to her, just to be nice.  The tag could say, "We CHEWS to show our gratitude to you for supporting your husband in his calling to serve as our Bishop.  We love you!"  Accompany the gift with a thank you card signed by the group.  Whatever the treat your Bishop's wife enjoys she'll appreciate the kind gesture.  
Look what you can accomplish in only ONE HOUR.  

Just make sure you emphasize that each kind act we perform is one more piece of straw used to build a soft bed for the Christ child.  

Remember to give the group members their own bag of straw to take home to remind them to do acts of kindness for their own family members.  


Friday, November 7, 2014

KSL Studio 5 -- Planning and Preparing to Serve at the Soup Kitchens


Enter yourself in a drawing to
WIN my book 
Precious in His Sight.  
Email me at  
Two winners will be drawn Saturday at 10 p.m.

Dish up some holiday service at a local soup kitchen with these easy preparation tips.  

You'll want to email the volunteer coordinator or activity director.  These are common titles that most non-profits use.  You’ll find contact info on the organization’s website. Familiarize yourself with the basics, like the days and times meals are served and address what you’d like to do in your email.  I spoke with a few DIRECTORS at some of our local SOUP KITCHENS and they all say the BEST WAY to contact them is through EMAIL.  And here’s why?  Email allows for the Coordinators to answer you when it’s most convenient for them and allows them to include necessary information.  And provide links to release forms that you might need to fill out.  Be mindful that non-profits are not exactly like a big corporation with someone available immediately to answer questions on the phone.  Email is a great way to get a plan in place. 

Don’t be surprised if the Coordinator asks you to come in and volunteer AFTER the New Year.  Stacey Gallegos at St. Anne’s in Layton encourages people to sign up year round and avoid the holiday rush.  She says everyone has it in their minds that the holidays are the time to help out but she says:  “Food and shelter is needed 365 days a year.  Every human being deserves a warm bed, food to eat, and a hot shower, so think about us not just at Christmas time but in February and middle of the summer, too.” 

Downtown Salt Lake -- The Road Home – SHELTER DINNER – GROUP SERVICE

Email Volunteer Coordinator Kelli Parker at

Perfect for large groups and extended family.    

Needs pre-made meals, along with paper products, at one of their 4 shelters.  This is service on a bigger scale.  You’re feeding 75 to 450 people, depending which shelter you choose.  Children 5 and up are welcome to participate. 

Volunteer Coordinator, Kelli Parker says the SHELTER DINNER, during the holidays, is by far their most rewarding service project, because you’re able to interact with the people there, face to face.  And that’s really what service should be about in its purest sense.  Right?      

IDEA:  EXTENDED family could pool their gift money.
IDEA:  YOUR BUSINESS could forgo the work party and organize a

Salt Lake –St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall

Lunch. From 11:30a.m.–1:00p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 10:00a.m.-11:00a.m.  They usually host a Christmas dinner, and more information will be posted on their website in the coming weeks.

Layton—St. Anne’s Center (largest homeless shelter in Northern Utah)

 They offer what’s called a Family Dinner 7 days week.  Bring a pre-made meal and paper products.  And share a meal with a family or two.  Bring a craft for the kids.  Maybe a coloring page?  What a great experience to sit down and have dinner with a family.  Stacey Gallegos, at St. Anne’s, shared with me what a homeless man once told her.  He said:  

“We’re human beings, so don’t just look away when you see us.  Just SMILE at us.  Your smile makes me want to live one more day.”  

IDEA:  That gave me an idea:  Bring smiley face stickers!  And let your kids put one on every person’s hand they see!  Kids would love this! 

IDEA:  Another idea would be to:  bring a MASON JAR filled with questions on pieces of paper.  Easy questions like:  What’s your favorite color?  Where would you like to someday visit?  What color would you paint Santa’s sleigh?  That way you can start an easy conversation with your kids and the other families. 

Foundation for Family Life – Riverton

Email Jodi Robinson at

This is a wonderful opportunity for families in the south valley area.  If you're interested in having your family bring a pre-made meal and paper products into a home and to share the meal and provide an activity, contact me, Jodi Robinson, at  There are two homes geared to helping individuals get back on their feet.  My family will be doing this and we and can't wait to share and serve. :))  I'll share more details with you via email.  Your family can share a Family Home Evening or activity.  It’s so worth your time!  Available 7 days a week.  

Provo – Food and Care Coalition

Email volunteer coordinator

Monday-Friday, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Weekends is lunch and dinner.  So, there’s always opportunities to schedule meal preparation and even clean up duties (I’m thinking SCOUTS!).  You can DONATE SACK LUNCHES (great for moms with young children).  Donate CASSEROLES.  

IDEA:  Get together with some girlfriends and make a bunch of meals to bring over.  So much more meaningful than going out and getting pedicures, right?  


Find some time to share, love, and serve!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Heart Grew Bigger -- Mitchell's Journey Documentary

I've hesitated whether to post this.  Some things are best left among family.  But, my church's General Conference this past weekend was packed full of inspirational and motivational talks.  I can say the experience has left me feeling a bit braver.  

So, without panicking anyone, whether you’re a friend or loved one who didn't get a call from my mom or the" Italian calling tree,” let me just say, I'm fine.  And, for anyone who may be critical and think this is about attention, well, you need to get a heart.  Which just happens to be what this post is about. 

I spent Saturday evening in the ER.  At 5:30 p.m., I was sitting at my desk at home, listening on the Internet to a talk I'd missed earlier in the day.  Without warning, chest pains toppled me forward.  "I'm too young to have a heart attack."  I thought.  But never having had one, when the back of my left arm went numb, all the way down to my left pinky, going to the hospital was inevitable. 

Five and half hours with doctors and nurses, and four blood draws and enzyme tests later, thankfully I was in the clear.  It turns out panic attacks can mimic heart attacks, and genetically, it turns out my adorable, feisty Italian mother, who loves more deeply than any person I know on the planet, has blessed me her panic genes.  I get my almond shaped, brown eyes from her, which is a plus.  But I’ve also learned I get a few of those other genes.  The ones that keep a person humble and reliant on God.  Okay, so I’ll live.  And like she did, in her 40's, I’ll get to learn to manage some of these challenges so they don’t impede my daily life. 

Well, this story ISN’T about my mimic-ed heart attacks or panic attacks.  It's about what happened yesterday.  Sunday after watching the first session of conference, I watched a beautiful documentary called Mitchell's Journey.

It’s about a father who blogged about his son's terminal illness and honestly and openly shared how it was playing out in the lives of his family.  Obviously, I watched with a heart that still beat.  While Mitchell’s did not.  He had passed away in 2013. 

Sitting on my brown, oatmeal textured sectional, I could feel my heart.  I could hear it.  Thump.  Thump.  I cried as the stories of faith, influence, and hope shared messages from complete strangers who'd been touched by Mitchell’s story.  The connections Mitchell and his family had created through words in cyberspace were uncanny!  People from all over the country had written letters to Mitchell.  They had sent emails.  Made phone calls and visits.  The video showed how Mitchell’s Journey saved a marriage, made family more of a priority, and engaged one self-proclaimed introvert to get out and live his life.  Because of this little boy’s kind, selfless, happy, and contented heart, and a loving father with the gift of words willing to write about it, tens of thousands have been inspired to be better and live better. 

After watching the story, I questioned if I was living half-heartedly?  Like those people had been. 
My “little” scare with my heart, and I say “little” because honestly I felt so humbled at 10:30 p.m. when a man doubled over in a wheelchair was rushed past my room.  He was having a “real” heart attack.    Not that mine was fake, and doctors said anytime you feel heart pain you should never dismiss it.  They told me of a mother recently who was only 39 who ignored her chest pain and she went to sleep and never woke up.  The care team at Riverton Hospital made me feel right about my decision to be checked out.  And they helped me understand a clear picture that chemically my body went into panic and made my heart sick.  I didn’t feel panicked.  Really I didn’t.  I didn’t know the state my heart was in.  I was just watching a nice man give a nice talk and eating a few Oreos and milk.  (Eight, okay!  I’ll admit I had eight.)    

Which leads me to another lesson I learned. 

The REAL state of our heart isn’t always apparent to us.  The only way we know its true condition is by our ACTIONS.  What we DO with our heart.  Do we actively SHARE our hearts with EVERYONE?  Do we LOVE?  Unconditionally?  Or half-heartedly?  Do we SERVE with our heart by doing good to others?  That’s they only way we can really measure the state of our heart. 
Mitchell’s story didn’t document the state of his life, it documented the state of his heart, which apparently is still beating in heaven, because all the people who’ve been touched by his story are still reeling in the glory. 

The power of words.  That's why I can write this post with good conscience.  Our personal stories are our history.  And Family History was another message from conference.  My experience is what it is.  And although it was insignificant in comparison to the arduous, difficult, painful, and heart-wrenching experience of Mitchell and his family, it joined my heart to theirs. 

I thank my Heavenly Father, for today.  We're pretty sure I have a healthy heart.  A stress test in a week or so should confirm that.  But, I get do the laundry.  Yippee!  (not really, but I’m making a point).  And I get to do carpool.  Yippee!  I get to hug my husband and kids, feed my dog and cat, and tell my parents how much I appreciate them helping me while Christian was gone.  And do a few other good deeds because . . . my heart continues to beat.  It grew a little bigger, yesterday, thanks to a little boy and his father, whose hearts, through their story, reached out and touched mine.     

God Bless Mitchell and Family -- Because of you my heart grew a little bigger.
Jodi Marie Robinson,  Riverton, Utah

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Studio 5 -- Donate School Supplies

Call me a little nerdy, but I love back to school!  

A new backpack, pencils, and notebooks, not to mention a new school outfit.  

Would you believe I remember what I wore on the first day of school from 1st to 6th 

grade?  I'm not kidding.  In the 4th grade, I wore a three piece green linen suit with a 

yellow blouse. I remember having to have it but MOM?  What were YOU thinking?  :) )

Here are some quick ideas to help you 


while heading back to school.


The .50 cent pencil boxes.  

These spiral notebooks for .17.  

The markers for $.77.  

Buy more than you need and donate them to a school or charitable organization.  

For less than $5 you can fill a pack with crayons, pencils, notebooks, a pencil box, 

markers, and even some cute smiley face stickers. 

IDEA:  FOR A FAMILY SERVICE PROJECT -- A fun idea to get kids involved is to 

decorate a shoe box with scrapbook paper and washi tape and fill it with school supplies 

to donate.  I had a group of girls come over from my neighborhood and we had a blast! 

We kept it really simple.  We then filled them with supplies.  So easy.  Inexpensive.  And 

fun!  This is perfect for young kids because then they feel like they are part of the giving. 


Think of the schools in and around where you live.  

It’s as easy as walking into the front office and dropping off backpack full of supplies.  

I spoke with several teachers.  One teacher at a Title One elementary school has taught 

for 30 years.  She said she “appreciates when extra school supplies 

are brought into the classroom because there is always a 

need.”   Her idea is to donate multiples of something. 

Like 30 glue sticks.  Or 30 notebooks.  

So, if you want to make your donation simple, buy several of one thing!  

How wonderful it would be for a teacher to have 30 new boxes of crayons.  

And at 25 cents a pop, that's easy to do!

One teacher in Cedar City remarked, 

"You can bet that there will be a few children at every         
school who come that first day who don’t have a backpack,  
or a school, bag, or pencil box." 

Your donation will be put to good use! 

schools everywhere are a great place to make a difference.  Here's the list of Title 1 

Schools in Utah.  And here are FOUR charitable organizations who could use help:

1.  St. Anne’s Center in Ogden  (801-621-5036)
2.  The Road Home in Salt Lake
3.  Catholic Community Services (locations, including the St. Vincent de   Paul Dining Hall, 437 W 200 South, Salt Lake City or the Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank, 2504 F Ave., Ogden).
4.  United Way – 2955 Harrison Blvd., Suite 201, Ogden.  STUFF THE BUS DAY OF CARING…on September 11th.  Fill a book bag with school supplies to be donated to one of 19 schools within Salt Lake, Tooele, Davis and Summit Counties. The goal was for 5,000 bags, but this year, the Tribune reports that it’s distributing 8,500 because of the additional schools with which United Way is partnering. 
     The need is for:  pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, 16-count crayons, glue sticks, erasers, spiral notebooks and pocket folders. Drop-off locations include Discovery Gateway children’s museum, 444 W. 100 South, Sept. 2 to Sept. 5 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.; Sheraton Hotel, 150 W. 500 S. Salt Lake City, through Aug. 31, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and United Way of Salt Lake, 257 E. 200 South, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, through Aug. 31, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hope you enjoy these ideas.  Happy back to school!

With love and friendship,


Sunday, July 27, 2014

BOOK -- The Peter Potential

Introducing one of my NEW favorite books.

Hot off the presses, this new book published by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, promises to delight readers and invites them to accept Christ's invitation to see their own potential for greatness.  Using a clear, concise, and carefully crafted story-line, the co-authors teach 7 key principles taken from the life of Peter.  Upon the pages, they place you on the sand, lift you into the boat, and push you out into the water, hoping to create a story vivid enough for you to experience the Peter Potential for yourself.

Peter was a fisherman turned disciple and, in many ways, Peter's story is your story and mine.

Principles taught in the book include:

Launch out into the deep.
Leave behind your nets.
Step into the water.
Give Him all that you have.
Leave Neutral ground.
Come running.
Entertain thoughts of greatness.

I highly recommend this book as an addition to your inspiring, keepsake books.  Its message will touch everyone individually.  Don't wait.  Order or pick up your copy today!

With love and friendship,


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Activity Idea --Do you like YOU? -- Using the famous video "No More Photoshopped Colbie Caillat"

Here is a simple, yet, powerful activity you can do to improve your girls' self-image.

What you need:  Computer to play the above video.

                             Dollar store whiteboards.  One for each person.
                             (You can use a piece of paper for each person if you need to.)

What to do:         First, show this video to your youth group.  Talk about how they feel after they see the video.   Next, give each girl a white board and erasable marker from the dollar store.  Have each girl write her name on her board.  Then sit in a circle.  Ask each girl to write a positive word or phrase about the person whose board it is.  Pass the boards around the circle a few times, until the boards are full, while you listen to the song.  Tell the girls to write small enough, if the boards are small, so everyone can write what they like about that person.  Wallah!!!!  Then talk about what was written on the girls boards.

You can use the book Body Image Breakthrough to deepen your discussion.  This is an excellent, gospel-principled book, so you can pull out ideas and thoughts to fuel the conversation.  More Info on Book is in an earlier post.

Take Home:  Let the girls then take the white boards home.  Tell them NOT to erase what was written ob them.  You could attach a cute thought:

Don't let the world erase who you REALLY are.  
Because we LIKE YOU for YOU!

Share, LOVE, Serve :))
Jodi Marie Robinson

BOOK: Body Image Breakthrough -- Learn to LOVE Your Body

How do you feel about your body?

Truth is, your body image probably isn't as good as it could be.

To some degree, we ALL suffer from an unhealthy body image at some time in our lives.  

For years, I've been talking to girls and women about SEEING THEMSELVES AS GOD SEES THEM.  And, if you've heard me speak, you'll know I teach how to use the Atonement for what I call "sideburn moments."  (If you have my book, Precious in His Sight, it's Chapter 7, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

I've recently met (on-line) the author of a NEW book, and I LOVE this book!  It's packed full of doctrinally-sound, gospel-based principles relating to body image.  Every FEMALE needs this book.  And it wouldn't hurt if you shared what it teaches with your husbands and sons, too. 

I am THRILLED to introduce you to this book!  And to Jaci Wightman.  Her honest-seeking quest to heal herself and make peace with her body, with the Lord's help, I believe, will heal many women and forever change the way they see their bodies.  

Here is what Jaci wrote to me:   

Body Image Breakthrough evolved out of my own personal battle with body image. In earlier years, I never saw myself as an author. I was just an insecure teenager who’d turned into an insecure 30-something mom. All those years, it didn’t matter how hard I tried—I just couldn’t overcome my negative body image. I was plagued by obsessive thinking, an unhealthy relationship with food, and a nagging dissatisfaction with the way I looked. Finally, in desperation, I turned the whole mess over to the Lord, and that’s when everything suddenly began to change. Slowly, He taught me how to see myself through His eyes rather than the eyes of the world. The process was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and I knew I couldn’t keep this incredible journey to myself. It was in that moment Body Image Breakthrough was born.

My hope for this book is that no matter what a woman is struggling with (even if her story is very different from my own), Body Image Breakthrough will give her the tools she needs to overcome her negative body image once and for all. I believe that really is possibly for every single one of us. But it’ll never come through the next weight loss drug or the latest plastic surgery technique or even finding a new haircut that makes us feel cute. It can only come when we turn the whole thing (meaning all our inadequacy, shame, self-hatred, addiction to food, or whatever we’re battling) over to Christ. Then we must listen very closely to everything He has to say. I did that, and it changed my life forever.

A little about me: for the last 20+ years, I’ve spent most of my time as a wife and mom. With 7 kids born in 8 years (they’re now age 14 to 22), it’s been quite a wild ride.  But wouldn’t have had it any other way. Amid the chaos, I have tried to squeeze as much time as I can to read (my husband says I’ll read anything, anytime, anywhere), and I also love to write, exercise, and garden. Something most people don’t know about me is that I’m a self-taught massage therapist (but mainly just for my husband and kids!).

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.

Available at most bookstores.  

Buy on Amazon                                                                                                  Author, Jaci Wightman

Friday, July 11, 2014

STUDIO 5 -- Candy Bar Poster Messages--An New Twist on Sweet Service--KSL JUNE, 12, 2014

Sorry my website didn't post right after the show.  Techie issues.  I guess life happens sometimes, and so we adjust.  Right?  Well, now for the FUN!  

A few years ago, our friend and neighbor found out he had cancer.  Everyone knew and loved this father and friend as the guy who always had made everyone laugh.  The news was devastating.  Neighbors jumped into action.  They delivered meals.  Mowed his lawn and stopped in for regular visits.  I quickly realized how concerned my kids were who were younger at the time.   They wanted to do something for him.  One thing we did to show we cared was make him a Candy Bar poster.  The kids glued and assembled the treats, and ya know what?  They still talk about it; I think because they could be involved with the hands-on part of making it and to them that was serving.   

Candy messages provide opportunities for some SWEET SERVICE.  And I'm sharing with you some non-traditional CANDY MESSAGE ideas, so you can get creative with your family.  

Most of the supplies you probably have in your kitchen cupboard, craft closet, or home office.  

STYLE #1 -- Accordian Countdown

The accordion style candy bar creation made from envelopes. It’s easy to assemble.  
1) You’ll need 7 envelopes.  One for each day of the week. 
2) Markers, chalk, or cut out vinyl letters to mark the day of the week on each envelope. 3) Double-sided tape ad/or washi tape (to connect and reinforce the envelopes so they don't break apart)

How it works?  Make an envelope chain, by connecting the envelope flap to the bottom front side of the next envelope.  Print or handwrite messages to go along with the candy bar.  Each day, an envelope should be opened to reveal the message and sweet treat inside. This style is a perfect size for smaller spaces!  It's not a big, bulky poster, so you can mail it.  Stick in someone’s suitcase, because it can fold up.  Put it in a your spouses's desk drawer at work.  In a child's locker.  A janitor's closet.  Or, use it to surprise a favorite librarian or school crossing guard.  Even your hairdresser.  "Take 5 because you’re a cut above the rest!"  (I know it's a bit cheesy, but we love cheesy if it makes someone smile.)  

With this style of candy message, there’s no stressing over laying out everything, perfectly.  And let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t have the time to be PINTEREST PERFECT.  When we’ve got a mini-van to vacuum, soccer, swim lessons, and a family dinner to get to?  We want something that says I fussed over YOU but didn’t lose my sanity while making it.

Candy Sayings:  
“Eagerly counting down to ZERO until you’re back home!”   

“ We would ORBIT the MILKYWAY just to tell you we love you.”

“When it's a Rocky Road, Lean on me.”

"We love you so MUNCH!"

"You are so COOL 2 be with!"

"We wouldn't trade you for 100 Grand."

Check out these LINKS for more clever sayings and ideas:  

STYLE #2   -- Countdown Clues

5 Clues to a MEGA Good Time—because something special that’s about to happen

Supersized Mega M & M's provide the perfect message for inviting, congratulating, or encouraging someone.  Let’s say, for example, you want to surprise someone you love with tickets to Wicked at the Capitol Theatre (hint, hint to the special someone who probably isn’t watching, but, hey, it’s worth a try!).   

·   Use a pencil box to hold the candy bars and clues.
·   On the outside of the box tape the MEGA M & M's with the message “5 Clues to a MEGA good time”.  

CLUE #1:   Unlimited means GOOD and PLENTY.
CLUE#2:    YORK gonna defy gravity?
CLUE #3:   Even GOOBERS deserve the chance to fly.
CLUE #4    Dancing through life is A BIT O HONEY. 
CLUE #5:   Because I knew you; I have been changed for Mr. Good Bar. 

FINAL CLUE : “Hocus pocus, RAZZLES and  SPREES.  How about going to see Wicked with me? 

This next idea would make a fabulous FAMILY NIGHT.  Your family.  Youth group.  Friends.  Womens Group. Even Co-workers could play a game to create the sayings, and then a quick delivery could top off the night!

STYLE #3   -- Turn your Candy Bar Message into a Game Night -- Family FUN Night or Youth Activity

Sometimes the memory of doing service lies in the CREATION OF IT.  Coming up with the idea.  Thinking about what it will look like.  How you can make it special.  There is nothing better than creating something  special FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE with people you love.  

First, place some candy bars in the middle of the table.  Ask each family member to choose a candy bar. 

Second, give each person a strip of paper and a sharpie marker.  Challenge each person to write a saying that goes along with the candy bar they choose.  One idea is to create a riddle, starting with What is . . . ?  You may want to write WHAT IS on each piece of paper to begin with so they all turn out the same.  Then make sure you circle one letter, on a few of the messages, using the letters that will spell out your final clue/message.

Some examples would be:  

What is worth more than 100 GRAND?.”  

What is always good Now and Later?”  

What is the RIESEN our family shines?”

WRAP the candy bars in the papers and tape them shut.  Place in a container and deliver!

You could CHALLENGE your family to come up with sayings as a team, or in pairs.  Think of the possibilities of WHAT IS "MUNCH" MORE "COOL" THAN "PAYDAY?"  And, of course, the answer will be the three letters circled on a few of the candy bar messages. 

Fourth:  Once you have your clues, read them outloud to each other.  Then place them in a container.  On the outside of the container, place a note card with instructions saying, “Decode the three letter word and you’ll know ‘What is munch more cool than payday?"   The circled letters on the candy bars, when unscrambled, spell out:   Y        U.  Get the idea?  So many possibilities.  

One last thing . . . it’s fun to find the really unique CANDY and vintage candy.  I found some COOL candies like Razzles, LOOK bars, Whachamacallits, Tiny Size Chicklets, and many others, not always found at the grocery stores, at pharmacies, gas stations, and hospital gift shops.  In Utah, you check out, The Candy Barrell in South Towne Mall.  Pharmacies like Jolley’s Pharmacies in Sandy and Sugar House are good resources.  The Internet is also a great place to shop for candy.  You can find some cleverly named candy that comes from different countries.  For example, One  candy bar I found and so want to try!  But haven’t yet.  is an ENGLISH candy bar CALLED THE CURLY WURLY.  I have no idea what it tastes like, but I love the name!  So I’m gonna give it a whirl!

Websites I mentioned on Studio 5:  

Make your own treasure hunt.

Make your own crossword puzzle.

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