Sunday, July 27, 2014

BOOK -- The Peter Potential

Introducing one of my NEW favorite books.

Hot off the presses, this new book published by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, promises to delight readers and invites them to accept Christ's invitation to see their own potential for greatness.  Using a clear, concise, and carefully crafted story-line, the co-authors teach 7 key principles taken from the life of Peter.  Upon the pages, they place you on the sand, lift you into the boat, and push you out into the water, hoping to create a story vivid enough for you to experience the Peter Potential for yourself.

Peter was a fisherman turned disciple and, in many ways, Peter's story is your story and mine.

Principles taught in the book include:

Launch out into the deep.
Leave behind your nets.
Step into the water.
Give Him all that you have.
Leave Neutral ground.
Come running.
Entertain thoughts of greatness.

I highly recommend this book as an addition to your inspiring, keepsake books.  Its message will touch everyone individually.  Don't wait.  Order or pick up your copy today!

With love and friendship,


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Activity Idea --Do you like YOU? -- Using the famous video "No More Photoshopped Colbie Caillat"

Here is a simple, yet, powerful activity you can do to improve your girls' self-image.

What you need:  Computer to play the above video.

                             Dollar store whiteboards.  One for each person.
                             (You can use a piece of paper for each person if you need to.)

What to do:         First, show this video to your youth group.  Talk about how they feel after they see the video.   Next, give each girl a white board and erasable marker from the dollar store.  Have each girl write her name on her board.  Then sit in a circle.  Ask each girl to write a positive word or phrase about the person whose board it is.  Pass the boards around the circle a few times, until the boards are full, while you listen to the song.  Tell the girls to write small enough, if the boards are small, so everyone can write what they like about that person.  Wallah!!!!  Then talk about what was written on the girls boards.

You can use the book Body Image Breakthrough to deepen your discussion.  This is an excellent, gospel-principled book, so you can pull out ideas and thoughts to fuel the conversation.  More Info on Book is in an earlier post.

Take Home:  Let the girls then take the white boards home.  Tell them NOT to erase what was written ob them.  You could attach a cute thought:

Don't let the world erase who you REALLY are.  
Because we LIKE YOU for YOU!

Share, LOVE, Serve :))
Jodi Marie Robinson

BOOK: Body Image Breakthrough -- Learn to LOVE Your Body

How do you feel about your body?

Truth is, your body image probably isn't as good as it could be.

To some degree, we ALL suffer from an unhealthy body image at some time in our lives.  

For years, I've been talking to girls and women about SEEING THEMSELVES AS GOD SEES THEM.  And, if you've heard me speak, you'll know I teach how to use the Atonement for what I call "sideburn moments."  (If you have my book, Precious in His Sight, it's Chapter 7, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

I've recently met (on-line) the author of a NEW book, and I LOVE this book!  It's packed full of doctrinally-sound, gospel-based principles relating to body image.  Every FEMALE needs this book.  And it wouldn't hurt if you shared what it teaches with your husbands and sons, too. 

I am THRILLED to introduce you to this book!  And to Jaci Wightman.  Her honest-seeking quest to heal herself and make peace with her body, with the Lord's help, I believe, will heal many women and forever change the way they see their bodies.  

Here is what Jaci wrote to me:   

Body Image Breakthrough evolved out of my own personal battle with body image. In earlier years, I never saw myself as an author. I was just an insecure teenager who’d turned into an insecure 30-something mom. All those years, it didn’t matter how hard I tried—I just couldn’t overcome my negative body image. I was plagued by obsessive thinking, an unhealthy relationship with food, and a nagging dissatisfaction with the way I looked. Finally, in desperation, I turned the whole mess over to the Lord, and that’s when everything suddenly began to change. Slowly, He taught me how to see myself through His eyes rather than the eyes of the world. The process was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and I knew I couldn’t keep this incredible journey to myself. It was in that moment Body Image Breakthrough was born.

My hope for this book is that no matter what a woman is struggling with (even if her story is very different from my own), Body Image Breakthrough will give her the tools she needs to overcome her negative body image once and for all. I believe that really is possibly for every single one of us. But it’ll never come through the next weight loss drug or the latest plastic surgery technique or even finding a new haircut that makes us feel cute. It can only come when we turn the whole thing (meaning all our inadequacy, shame, self-hatred, addiction to food, or whatever we’re battling) over to Christ. Then we must listen very closely to everything He has to say. I did that, and it changed my life forever.

A little about me: for the last 20+ years, I’ve spent most of my time as a wife and mom. With 7 kids born in 8 years (they’re now age 14 to 22), it’s been quite a wild ride.  But wouldn’t have had it any other way. Amid the chaos, I have tried to squeeze as much time as I can to read (my husband says I’ll read anything, anytime, anywhere), and I also love to write, exercise, and garden. Something most people don’t know about me is that I’m a self-taught massage therapist (but mainly just for my husband and kids!).

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.

Available at most bookstores.  

Buy on Amazon                                                                                                  Author, Jaci Wightman

Friday, July 11, 2014

STUDIO 5 -- Candy Bar Poster Messages--An New Twist on Sweet Service--KSL JUNE, 12, 2014

Sorry my website didn't post right after the show.  Techie issues.  I guess life happens sometimes, and so we adjust.  Right?  Well, now for the FUN!  

A few years ago, our friend and neighbor found out he had cancer.  Everyone knew and loved this father and friend as the guy who always had made everyone laugh.  The news was devastating.  Neighbors jumped into action.  They delivered meals.  Mowed his lawn and stopped in for regular visits.  I quickly realized how concerned my kids were who were younger at the time.   They wanted to do something for him.  One thing we did to show we cared was make him a Candy Bar poster.  The kids glued and assembled the treats, and ya know what?  They still talk about it; I think because they could be involved with the hands-on part of making it and to them that was serving.   

Candy messages provide opportunities for some SWEET SERVICE.  And I'm sharing with you some non-traditional CANDY MESSAGE ideas, so you can get creative with your family.  

Most of the supplies you probably have in your kitchen cupboard, craft closet, or home office.  

STYLE #1 -- Accordian Countdown

The accordion style candy bar creation made from envelopes. It’s easy to assemble.  
1) You’ll need 7 envelopes.  One for each day of the week. 
2) Markers, chalk, or cut out vinyl letters to mark the day of the week on each envelope. 3) Double-sided tape ad/or washi tape (to connect and reinforce the envelopes so they don't break apart)

How it works?  Make an envelope chain, by connecting the envelope flap to the bottom front side of the next envelope.  Print or handwrite messages to go along with the candy bar.  Each day, an envelope should be opened to reveal the message and sweet treat inside. This style is a perfect size for smaller spaces!  It's not a big, bulky poster, so you can mail it.  Stick in someone’s suitcase, because it can fold up.  Put it in a your spouses's desk drawer at work.  In a child's locker.  A janitor's closet.  Or, use it to surprise a favorite librarian or school crossing guard.  Even your hairdresser.  "Take 5 because you’re a cut above the rest!"  (I know it's a bit cheesy, but we love cheesy if it makes someone smile.)  

With this style of candy message, there’s no stressing over laying out everything, perfectly.  And let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t have the time to be PINTEREST PERFECT.  When we’ve got a mini-van to vacuum, soccer, swim lessons, and a family dinner to get to?  We want something that says I fussed over YOU but didn’t lose my sanity while making it.

Candy Sayings:  
“Eagerly counting down to ZERO until you’re back home!”   

“ We would ORBIT the MILKYWAY just to tell you we love you.”

“When it's a Rocky Road, Lean on me.”

"We love you so MUNCH!"

"You are so COOL 2 be with!"

"We wouldn't trade you for 100 Grand."

Check out these LINKS for more clever sayings and ideas:  

STYLE #2   -- Countdown Clues

5 Clues to a MEGA Good Time—because something special that’s about to happen

Supersized Mega M & M's provide the perfect message for inviting, congratulating, or encouraging someone.  Let’s say, for example, you want to surprise someone you love with tickets to Wicked at the Capitol Theatre (hint, hint to the special someone who probably isn’t watching, but, hey, it’s worth a try!).   

·   Use a pencil box to hold the candy bars and clues.
·   On the outside of the box tape the MEGA M & M's with the message “5 Clues to a MEGA good time”.  

CLUE #1:   Unlimited means GOOD and PLENTY.
CLUE#2:    YORK gonna defy gravity?
CLUE #3:   Even GOOBERS deserve the chance to fly.
CLUE #4    Dancing through life is A BIT O HONEY. 
CLUE #5:   Because I knew you; I have been changed for Mr. Good Bar. 

FINAL CLUE : “Hocus pocus, RAZZLES and  SPREES.  How about going to see Wicked with me? 

This next idea would make a fabulous FAMILY NIGHT.  Your family.  Youth group.  Friends.  Womens Group. Even Co-workers could play a game to create the sayings, and then a quick delivery could top off the night!

STYLE #3   -- Turn your Candy Bar Message into a Game Night -- Family FUN Night or Youth Activity

Sometimes the memory of doing service lies in the CREATION OF IT.  Coming up with the idea.  Thinking about what it will look like.  How you can make it special.  There is nothing better than creating something  special FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE with people you love.  

First, place some candy bars in the middle of the table.  Ask each family member to choose a candy bar. 

Second, give each person a strip of paper and a sharpie marker.  Challenge each person to write a saying that goes along with the candy bar they choose.  One idea is to create a riddle, starting with What is . . . ?  You may want to write WHAT IS on each piece of paper to begin with so they all turn out the same.  Then make sure you circle one letter, on a few of the messages, using the letters that will spell out your final clue/message.

Some examples would be:  

What is worth more than 100 GRAND?.”  

What is always good Now and Later?”  

What is the RIESEN our family shines?”

WRAP the candy bars in the papers and tape them shut.  Place in a container and deliver!

You could CHALLENGE your family to come up with sayings as a team, or in pairs.  Think of the possibilities of WHAT IS "MUNCH" MORE "COOL" THAN "PAYDAY?"  And, of course, the answer will be the three letters circled on a few of the candy bar messages. 

Fourth:  Once you have your clues, read them outloud to each other.  Then place them in a container.  On the outside of the container, place a note card with instructions saying, “Decode the three letter word and you’ll know ‘What is munch more cool than payday?"   The circled letters on the candy bars, when unscrambled, spell out:   Y        U.  Get the idea?  So many possibilities.  

One last thing . . . it’s fun to find the really unique CANDY and vintage candy.  I found some COOL candies like Razzles, LOOK bars, Whachamacallits, Tiny Size Chicklets, and many others, not always found at the grocery stores, at pharmacies, gas stations, and hospital gift shops.  In Utah, you check out, The Candy Barrell in South Towne Mall.  Pharmacies like Jolley’s Pharmacies in Sandy and Sugar House are good resources.  The Internet is also a great place to shop for candy.  You can find some cleverly named candy that comes from different countries.  For example, One  candy bar I found and so want to try!  But haven’t yet.  is an ENGLISH candy bar CALLED THE CURLY WURLY.  I have no idea what it tastes like, but I love the name!  So I’m gonna give it a whirl!

Websites I mentioned on Studio 5:  

Make your own treasure hunt.

Make your own crossword puzzle.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Women are Like Quilts

I visited an amazing home in Holladay, Utah, where I spoke at a brunch.  

 Almost every guest had brought a quilt to display.   
The quilts filled at least 10 rooms. 
 Every quilt had a story. 

 Some were hand-made.  Some machine made.  Some were heirlooms.  Some were gifts.  
Some were meager attempts.  Some were masterpieces.  

The point is: each quilt was unique. 

Each quilt's stitching and design reflected the woman's personality who brought it.  Not one was less valued than another.  Together, the quilts created an incredible display of talent, sacrifice, perseverance, and courage.  

Much like the women attending the gathering, the quilts were diversified.  

This lovely sister owns the beautiful home.
 Some tall.  Some short.  Some mothers.  Some grandmothers.  Some aunts.  Some married.  Some single.  It didn't matter, because like the quilts. they were all beautiful for their own reasons. 

 I noticed some had edges a little more wrinkled and worn than others.  But it didn't matter.
Some edges were not as straight as others.  But it didn't matter.
Some colors were soft pastels.  Others were bold and vibrant.
But it didn't matter.

Like the quilts, the women's stitching hinted at their life experience.  

ALL were beautiful!  

What a GIFT it was for me to tour the beautiful home of the Sister who hosted the brunch.  Her decor, consisting of paintings of Christ, gospel life, and her beloved family, told HER story.  

 It was no mystery what was most important to her. :)  

What a lovely day!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's rainy fleece!

Service Projects Using Fleece

When fleece is falling from the sky, that's the time to stock up!

Our local stores have fleece on sale.  That's when I buy in bulk.  After all, you can NEVERhave to much fleece ready at a moments notice.  Fleece can turn a boring raining day into a service project, when you have a few yards on hand.  

Kids of all ages can make things with fleece.  So, whether it's a Girl Scout troop, church group, club, or family gathering, everyone can contribute.  

I found this post 34 Fast and Easy Projects you can DO WITH FLEECE.  LOVED IT!  Find it on Craft al a Mode.

And, while you're looking at these fabulous ideas, consider which ones will work best, as a service project, for YOUR family, youth group, club, or association.  

Think of how you can SHARE, LOVE, AND SERVE in your community.  Then head to your local fabric store for a great deal on winter fleece in JUNE!  Enjoy!  

With love and friendship,


Thursday, June 12, 2014

SHARE A Summer SlipnSlide

SHARE some COOL FUN with your neighborhood kids.
Or do it for a youth activity.

Create a homemade slipnslide.

 ADD paint for a whole new spin?  

Are you crazy?  

...just a little. :)

Yes.  That's me!  
45-year-old mother, sliding down her back hill,
isn't something you see every day, 
but I must say, it's FUN and takes the edge off summer stress :) 

What You need:  Construction plastic from local home improvement store.  You'll find black, white, and clear in sizes 40 feet to over 100 feet.  We bought 100 feet for about $40.00 and it's lasted 2 summers.  Tip:  Make sure you remove the plastic immediately after use, or your lawn gets a brown spot.  We learned the hard way.  Good news is, lawn bounces back and is pretty hardy.  

Click Basic Instructions for a slipnside.

Youth Activity:  I also liked these Paint Slipnside Instructions, found on More Than Dodgeball


Young Women would LOVE it!  Activity Days.  Camp.
This THEME idea comes from same website:  

Isn't that fantastic!  End activity with short spiritual thought.  
Paint the words on the plastic, wallah!  Something the girls won't ever forget.
Fantastic idea!
Thanks more than dodgeball.  :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Studio 5 -- Service Ideas in time for Memorial Day

     Memorial Day can be a SERVICE OPPORTUNITY.  Help your family honor the true meaning of the holiday.  
     1)  HAVE MOMENT OF SILENCE.  Think of it as QUIET SERVICE -- time carved out of your fun and festivities to think about and honor those, who gave their lives, so you could enjoy that barbecue with family and friends.  SIMPLE, BUT POWERFUL.  MEANINGFUL and HONORABLE.
“Let’s find the space in our picnics and parties to observe a moment of silence for those who paid the ultimate price for our burgers, fries, Cokes and gardens, and the ability to live with little regard for our security and safety.”  --Tim WIilard
2)  GROOM A GRAVE.  A representative at the veteran’s hospital, here in Salt Lake, suggested that grooming military graves in local cemeteries is a needed act of kindness. Scrub down a headstone, using sponges, soap and water.   Hand trim grass around the stone, then place a flag or flowers on the grave.  What a wonderful, kind, and caring act to do for even someone you’ve never met before.  To care for the final resting place of a soldier who gave his/her life for our country.  The VA hospital suggested that you call your local cemetery, if you’re not sure where a military grave is and ask where one is located.  All the graves at Camp Williams Cemetery are military graves, so if you live in the south end of the valley, you can easily find a grave that could benefit from your service.    
3)    MAKE A DONATION.   Warriors Afield Legacy Foundation gives 100% of it's donations to help wounded warriors.  I think it’s important to remember that military men and women, who return home, are not always HOME FREE.  Many come home “fallen” if you will -- wounded physically and/or mentally.  Re-adjusting to civilian life is tough enough, but add to that mental and physical challenges can be disheartening.  Make a donation to honor Utah veterans by giving to a UTAH-GROWN foundation that connects retired military VETS to wounded returning vets.  

Warriors Afield Legacy Foundation

It’s a UTAH organization that…FOR FREE…gives returning VETS an incredible outdoor experience at a five star hunting, fishing, gaming, and recreational facility in Castle Dale, Utah.  Watch the video above to find out more.  100% of your donation…NOT just a percentage…but 100% will go directly to the participants. These “wounded warriors” as they are called get out with fellow comrades, into the good ol' out of doors.  They hunt.  Fish.  Horseback ride.  And are shown the best of what Utah's wilderness has to offer.  Everything is FREE.  GIVEN to them as a GIFT . . .  through the Warriors Afield Legacy Foundation.  The best part is they receive personal guided trips with men who have been where they have been--IN MILITARY COMABAT.  These retired VETS become comrades, to soldiers returning home.  They share stories and in doing so find the motivation to heal their hearts and minds.  
You can make a DONATION to this organization.  Remember, 100% of your donation…NOT just a percentage…but 100% will go directly to the men who participate in this experience. 
ONE MORE IDEA  -- CREATE A TRIBUTE FLAG AND WRITE LETTER to one of these wounded soldiers, who participate in this experience.  If you're interested in doing this as a group, family, or individual, please EMAIL ME at shareloveserve (at) hotmail (dot) com and I'll email you the instructions and mailing instructions.  

Remember to SHARE LOVE SERVE.  
Where happiness begins and never ends.
Hope you enjoy these ideas!
With love and friendship,


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Ideas for Young Women--Promoting Self-Esteem, Hope and Confidence in the Future

Ideas for Young Women--Promoting Self-Esteem, Hope and Confidence in the Future
Give a handout with an apple seed on it and use this quote: "Inside every apple seed is an apple...Good things will come." LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!



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