Saturday, May 16, 2009

"SONG" Woman of Virtue FREE Download--Raw Talent Unveiled

For a limited time, you can DOWNLOAD for FREE my new (and I must admit "only") song for young women and women, called "A Woman of Virtue." The lyrics were written by me, Jodi, to go along with my book "Women of Virtue." My good friend, Jacquelyn Meyers, has the god-given talent to compose music she hears, so I sang her the tune I had mulling around in my head, and wall-ah! in less than 60 minutes we had a song. Thanks to those of you who have requested a CD copy of the song after hearing it at one of my firesides. You gave us the courage to record it. We recorded it today at the Annex Studios in Draper, Utah. Thanks to Rob for taking our "raw" (and I mean "raw") talent and making us a great mix! We hope you enjoy it! Email me back and let me know what you think. With love and friendship--Jodi

If you'd like a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song "Woman of Virtue", email me your request and I'll email you the link. My email address is:

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