Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mini Book of Mormon--Keeping it close "at all times, and in all things, and all places"

Not too long ago, a Stake Young Women's President gave me a special gift 

after I spoke at her Young Womens in Excellence.  She told me how each girl in her stake had received one of these darling, mini Books of Mormon at girls camp.  The thought was that the girls could have a mini-sized Book of Mormon with them at "all times, and in all things, and in all places" because they were just right size.  And it is the  perfect size!  It fits in your purse.  Your backpack.  Even a coat pocket.  I love this! 

So here's how they made them.  

1.  Cut a piece of scrapbooking paper the right size to fit across the front, spine, and back of the mini-sized Book of Mormon.  Using heavier weight or cardstock is preferred. But because you are laminating it you could go lighter. Wrapping papers prints are sooooo fun these days. You could even use wrapping paper.

2.  Laminate the paper.  And cut it out.
3.  Use decoupauge' or Mod Podge or "Yes" Paste to adhere the laminated cover to the book.  Press out all bubbles and be careful not to get any glue on the inside pages because they will stick.  And make sure your fingers are clean and not sticky with glue or you'll have stick pages.
4.  Use HOT GLUE to adhere the laminated cover to the book.  Yes!  I said HOT GLUE.  I have used "Yes" Paste before and that works really well, too.  But that paste is sooo sticky that sometimes I got it on the pages.  So when I found out Catherine had used hot glue I was overly joyed!  That is sooo easy. 
5.  Use a ribbon and a netting flower with a button in the middle, or some other embellishment to decorate the front of it.  Possibilities are endless with all the darling scrapbooking accessories out there.  Be creative!
5.  Make a matching bookmark. 
Ta-dah!  You are done.
Where to find "mini" Books of Mormon?  The Distribution Center and Deseret Book.  And they literally fit in the palm of your hand.  They are perfect for keeping with you "at all times, and in all things, and in all places." 
HINT:  I've made these using scrapbooking paper and then decoupauging the paper cover, but the lamination is by far the most practical and durable!  Just love it!

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